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Split System AC

Air conditioning is one of the most crucial components within any home or commercial property. Without them, the harsh summers and midday heat can be crushing to deal with. No one wants to walk into their homes and feel like they are sitting in a steaming Finnish sauna. Air conditioning units allow us to maintain a comfortable temperature within our homes and businesses all year round, so that the nightmare of sweaty nights and muggy afternoons are no longer a problem.

When it comes to actually cooling and controlling the temperature in our homes, it seems like there are endless choices. The HVAC industry has buyers choosing between ducted units, ductless units, window units, reverse cycle split system units, you name it! However, in terms of value and performance, none seem to compare to split system units.

Split system AC units are becoming some of the most popular air conditioning systems in the country. They are excellent at keeping homes cool, without blowing the bank and requiring tons of maintenance and installation costs. Running traditional ducted air conditioning systems can leave you with a crushing energy bill at the end of each month. With split systems, that isn’t a problem.

Ducted air conditioning systems work by transferring cooled air through large ducted pathways throughout your home. This is a rather inefficient way of transferring cool air as a lot of the cool air is lost through heat exchange. As the air moves freely through the ducts, the cooling progressively grows more inefficient. In times of extreme heat this poses a problem as it will force your AC system to work in overdrive to compensate.

Overworked and overcompensating ducted AC units will typically suffer in the form of wear and tear due to harsh conditions and constant use. Split systems require far less complexity, and are much more minimalist in function. This translates to reduced maintenance costs as they simply don’t need it. Being as they are extremely efficient, they can operate smoothly and keep your home and commercial property cool without needing to overcompensate for the heat loss.

By comparison, window AC units also leave quite a bit to be desired. Window AC units are commonplace in older homes which lack traditional ductwork for a ducted air conditioning system. This makes a window unit a seemingly ideal choice for keeping your home or commercial property cool. However, window units are almost always terrible on your energy bill, and are needed in bulk to keep your entire house or property cool.

Another drawback of window AC units is their incredibly noisy compressors and motors. These loud humming, and even sometimes rattling noises can keep you up until all hours of the

night. They can make it hard to concentrate at home, and add insult to injury when you are already dealing with the hot and humid air.

The problems don’t even stop there!l There are even potential hazards that they can pose when mounted in high windows. Mounting fixtures can grow loose over time, and cause strain on the window frames and the mounting brackets themselves. Of course, it’s easy to see where that can become a problem.

All of this together adds up to a whole host of issues that home and property owners shouldn’t need to be facing in this modern age. With all of this in mind, it can surely seem like high quality air conditioning must be impossible to find in the Melbourne and surrounds region!

Luckily, that isn’t the case when you contact us. We know all of the headaches that come with window AC units and ducted AC units. We know how high the energy bills for both can be, and how difficult it can be to deal with them–especially when they break down! When you are living through the harsh heatwaves of the summer, you need to know that your home and property are going to be a safe haven from the scorched air outside. Our split systems guarantee that can be a reality.

Homeowners throughout Melbourne and surrounds are noting that the rising temperatures are resulting in their heating costs skyrocketing. In addition to this, they are noting that their traditional ducted AC systems are simply not working as well as they used to. That is why split systems are becoming more widely embraced, and sought after.

Our team of certified and experienced HVAC and split system technicians know what it takes to get your home updated and into a better cooling system. We can work alongside you and your needs to turn your home or commercial property into the comfortable and livable environment it was always meant to be.

Our split systems are almost completely noiseless, far more energy efficient, and far cheaper to maintain. What’s more, the initial installation process requires far less hassle and headache than the invasive installation processes of ducted air conditioning units. So, what’s not to love!?

If you are finding yourself struggling with the host of issues that your old and outdated window unit or ducted AC are bringing, let us help you fix that. We can be at your property and provide you with a split system installation quote in absolutely no time. The savings, efficiency, and functionality will make it all worth it.

So, after all of that, you are probably wondering what it is that makes split system air conditioning units so awesome? Well, take a look below and see for yourself what all of the fuss is about when it comes to split systems; and why you should consider upgrading to a split system air conditioning unit.

– Split System Air Conditioners.

Split system air conditioners don’t work like traditional ducted air conditioners do. Ducted air conditioners work by distributing cooled air from a central unit which is usually located in the attic of a home. This central ‘hub’ distributes the air to all of the ducts, which in turn distribute the air into each individual room of a house. As mentioned above, this leads to quite a bit of heat loss as there is a large amount of open space for the ducts to conduct heat and for the air to slow down.

Split systems are designed to work in a much more controlled environment. In the most basic sense, split systems are a dual system air conditioning unit broken up into the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. The outdoor unit is where the compressor, and the condenser coil/capillary tubing are housed. The indoor unit is where the cooling coil, the blower, and the air filter is located. These two units are connected through a series of small pipes and electrical that are discreetly run throughout the house to the units.

When you are dealing with highly compressed air that runs through minimal piping, there is a much greater chance that the air will remain cool upon distribution. This is because there are far fewer chances for heat loss to occur, and cause the unit itself to have to work overtime. This means that you get to enjoy a smaller energy bill, while also being a bit more environmentally friendly.

Another great benefit to split systems is their near noiseless functionality within the home or property. This is because the compressor is located in the outdoor unit, and away from you and your family/friends. You no longer have to deal with the noisy hum and movement of components while you sleep, watch television, or even work.

Split systems come in both split systems, and multi-system options. Multi-system options allow for homeowners or property owners to run multiple indoor units off of a single outdoor unit. This also contributes greatly to a lower energy expenditure, and a more efficient air conditioning system as a whole. But, what about heating?

– Reverse Cycle Split Systems.

Split systems can also run on what is known as ‘reverse cycle heating’. This essentially means that the split systems themselves can also heat your home through very similar methods to how they cool. They absorb heat from outside air, and pull it into your system through the piping and out the indoor unit into your home or property.

What this means, is that you don’t have to worry about sacrificing your heating options for winter when you switch to split system air conditioning. Reverse cycle split system heating can also dehumidify the air, so you don’t have to worry about excess moisture being introduced

into your home or property. This makes split systems the ideal option for all seasons, all throughout the year.

– Daikin Split System.

Daikin is a world class brand of split system air conditioner manufacturers that we work directly with. Our team is certified in the installation, repair, and maintenance of all Daikin split system air conditioning units. Daikin is widely considered to be a frontrunner in the split system air conditioning industry. Because of this reputation for excellence, we have made it our job to familiarize ourselves with their technology and units in order to best serve them.

One great advantage of Daikin split systems is their unique inverter technology. The systems themselves use highly sensitive sensors that monitor the temperature of your room constantly. This helps the system to maintain your preset temperature rather than continuously pumping air into your room. They will incrementally inject conditioned air into the room to hold the temperature steady constantly. This saves on energy, and makes their systems far more efficient and more discreet.

In addition, Daikin systems allow for users to place the units into their ‘comfort mode’. Which means that the conditioned air will blow from the indoor unit horizontally. This allows a blanket of cold or heated air to cover your room without blowing directly on you–this is great for cool air. This keeps you from feeling freezing during the day or night as other units might subject you to torrents of icy cold air rather than distributing it more evenly and gently.

Daikin split system units come with a broad range of functions and options for comfort that make them stand out among competition. That is why our team is confident in working with and on these Daikin units. They are easy to install, sleek in design, and highly energy efficient. While they may come with a slightly higher price tag, many home and property owners find Daikin units to be worth it when it comes to form and function.

For more information about our Daikin units and what they can offer, contact our team. We can supply and install the best Daikin split system units on the market at the best prices possible.

Split System Air Conditioner Prices.

Split systems are generally considered to be a far better value than ducted systems or windowed units. This is because they are far more energy-efficient, and tend to require far less maintenance over time. This means that the long term investment is almost always going to pay off for homeowners and property owners alike.

As far as actual unit prices, that will of course vary across brand and unit size/model. In general, most split system air conditioning units will cost in the range of $600-$5,500. That’s quite a massive range, to be sure. This is because there are an equally wide amount of factors that go into pricing a split system unit, such as:

  • –  The type and size of the unit itself.
  • –  The model of the unit.
  • –  The location and size of the property that needs the installation.
  • –  The amount of piping and wiring necessary to connect the indoor and outdoor units.
  • –  The electrical infrastructure of the property.
  • –  The placement of the unit within the home, and how it will need to be fitted.
  • Each of these small factors can add up when considering the install of your split system air conditioner. However, it’s important to bear in mind that these costs are actually rather standard across the board even with other types of HVAC units. The bulk of the cost with a split system air conditioner is going to be in the install costs upfront. This is simply due to the fact that most homes and properties do not already have the electrical and piping work set up and distributed to the right place. In addition, the indoor units must be mounted and placed in the proper locations for maximum efficiency. Depending on the energy star rating of the unit itself, split systems can cost anywhere from $0.25 – $0.95/hr. When it comes to HVAC units, split systems are by far the most efficient in this regard. This means that your yearly cost to actually run the unit could end up saving you up to 30-40% on your total heating/cooling and energy costs. That’s a staggering number when you factor that into the value of your current energy bill.

– Mitsubishi Split System.

Mitsubishi isn’t only a brand known for their long-lasting import vehicles. Mitsubishi is also a high-end split system air conditioner manufacturing corporation. Their split system air conditioning units are considered by many to be the absolute top of the line in terms of value, price, and overall functionality.

Our team of split system experts believe in working with only the best in manufacturing when it comes to air conditioning units. Mitsubishi fits that bill across the board in terms of convenience, cost, durability, functionality, and design. Mitsubishi is a company that prides itself on having well designed products and industry leading warranties to back that up. With one of the best warranties in the industry, buyers can rest assured that their air conditioning unit is always protected for years to come.

One area where Mitsubishi split system air conditioners excel is in their convenience functions. Mitsubishi units allow users to program 24-hour timetables for optimum energy efficiency and perfectly tailored temperature changes. In addition, their intuitive remote control allows for users to program and change the temperature setting without even needing to touch the unit. Pair this with their smart self restarting technology (which allows the unit to restart automatically after power outages), and you have one of the ‘smartest’ split-system unit brands on the market.

Mitsubishi units are not only smart, they are durable. Each outdoor unit comes with blufin anti-corrosion coating which prevents the outdoor unit from taking on damage from harsh weather conditions. Rains, storms, hail, you name it. These units are able to handle it all in stride, and will last for years to come without needing to be repaired or replaced. They are tough, rugged, and made with longevity in mind.

Our team is fully licensed, trained, and experienced in Mitsubishi split systems, and are fully prepared to install, maintain, and repair any and all Mitsubishi split system units. We sell a wide range of Mitsubishi split system air conditioning units at wholesale prices, and install them at the lowest price in town. If you are interested in purchasing and installing your own Mitsubishi split system air conditioning unit, contact our team today to learn about the process!

Best Split System Air Conditioner.

Split system air conditioners are just as wide and varying in branding and optionality as anything you will find in the HVAC industry. With cutting edge brands such as Mitsubishi, Samsung, Kelvinator, Daikin, and Fujitsu–you are guaranteed to find a great unit among them all!

In terms of choosing the ​best​ split system air conditioner, you have to break it down into a few factors. You should consider the overall price range, the durability of the unit, the features offered, and the warranty. This is on top of the actual aesthetic design of the unit itself. Among the top brands of split system units, you are likely to find some great value and great offering across the board. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few that stand above the rest.

Daikin units are widely considered to be some of the most standard split system air conditioner units around. Brand recognition alone makes Daikin a name to be mentioned when speaking about the best unit around. They are sleek and multi-functional as well as durable. However, Daikinunits do tend to be rather expensive, and their warranties are not exactly industry leading.

Another drawback of Daikin units is the fact that they tend to run a bit loud as far as split system units are concerned. This means that users might have to concern themselves with a bit of noise when using the units, which is a downside for split system buyers who look for pure silence.

With this in mind, it is our opinion that Mitsubishi is perhaps the best overall value in the split system air conditioning industry. Mitsubishi units come in at roughly mid-range in terms of overall cost, but are extremely sleek in design and often jammed packed with features. This is on top of the 5-star noise rating that ensures that they are very nearly completely silent when operating.

Mitsubishi units are a cut above much of the competition, and should always be considered when shopping for a high-end split system air conditioning unit. This makes them our personal favorite as far as split systems are concerned.