Split System Instals in Rye Fast

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Split Systems In Rye 

The Rye Summer is right around the corner and in Australia, that implies temperatures that can really press the mercury in your old thermometer. You’ve chosen that this year things are going to be different, you would like to have some amazing comfort in your home being able to heat and cool your home cheaper than any other system on the market (Including Gas Heating) You need a – Air conditioner split system. No more coming home to sweltering heat making your guests drip on the floor. No more sweaty, sleepless nights. You’re getting an air conditioning system….. and its going to ROCK! 

Easy to install, budget-friendly to run and seldom requiring maintenance, a quality split system a/c unit can supply you and your Rye household with comfy living conditions, year round, for years to come.

We Supply, Install and Repair the Following Air Conditioning Systems in Rye

  • Daikin Air Conditioning
  • Daikin Commercial Air Conditioning
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  • Mitsubishi Ducted AC
  • Mitsubishi Split Systems
  • Mitsubishi Commercial AC
  • Panasonic Air Conditioning
  • Kelvinator Air Conditioning
  • Ducted Air Conditioning
  • Commercial Air Conditioning
  • LG Air Conditioning
  • Brivis Air Conditioning
  • Electrolux Air Conditioning
  • Bonaire Residential Air Conditioning
  • Bonaire Commercial Air Conditioning
  • CoolBreeze Residential Air Conditioning
  • CoolBreeze Commercial Air Conditioning
  • Lennox Residential Air Conditioning
  • Lennox Commercial Air Conditioning
  • Braemar Residential Air Conditioning
  • Braemar Commercial Air Conditioning

Choosing the right split system in Rye

A split system is a refrigerative form of air conditioner whose elements are split into 2 parts the indoor head unit and the outdoor condenser unit that interact to tell the coil when and where to move cooled or warmed refrigerant. The indoor system is seen installed on the wall, (they are referred to as a high-wall split in the industry) and the outdoor unit consists of the coil and fan.

Blah blah blah – Just call our team now on 03 8686 8350 and save the reading. in 20 seconds we will advise you NO obligation. Just do it.

Split systems tend to be fairly quiet and can be quickly set up in Rye and is likewise hassle-free to operate, more often than not using a push-button control. Being a reverse cycle, all divides offered on our site can provide heating or cooling. In the market at the moment, there are many brands, sizes, energy ratings, output capacity, etc and we are here to help you decide which is the perfect service for you and your household (Choosing the right split system).

It is an easy and cost-effective way to air condition single rooms or open areas. They’re also excellent for regulating the temperature level of bigger spaces such as a lounge room or master bedroom. They are energy and sound efficient. They are inexpensive to purchase and set up. Start with 1 system, and add more if you like in the future, as you can include on more units when the need emerges which provides versatility.

There are numerous aspects in play when it comes to selecting an appropriate Split System for your house. They are: Size does matter when it concerns air conditioners. You do not desire to choose a system too little it won’t have the ability to cool or warm a room appropriately. At the exact same time, do not get a system too effective for the space size.

Fundamentally, for every 10 square metres (sqm) of space, you will need a split system air conditioning system with around 1-1.5 kilowatts of cooling capability. Then there are likewise other factors which are equally crucial and can affect the performance of your split system air conditioning system such as: Ceiling height – split system air conditioner. Insulated ceiling/walls.

Still reading Huh – – Just call our team now on 03 8686 8350

Our study discovered that rate and energy performance were the 2 essential elements of consideration for consumers purchasing an aircon. Here are some statistics. Rate: 33% Energy efficiency: 33% Brand: 19% Design: 3% One of the initial steps to finding the ideal air conditioner for your house is measuring the size of the area you want to cool.

The climate you are living in. Does the sun hit the room a lot, and are there other activities that could heat up the space more than normal? 

This table is just a rough price quote regarding matching the cooling to your room size: 

  • (m2) =  Cooling KW (C)    / Heating (H) 
  • 3.0 m x 3.0 m = 2.5 KW( C)/ 3.2 KW( H) 
  • 5.0 m x 5.0 m = 3.5 KW( C)/ 3.7 KW – 4.3 KW (H) 
  • 5.5 m x 5.5 m = 3.5 KW( c)/ 3.7 KW( H) – 5.0 KW( C)/ 6.0 KW( H) 
  • 6.3 m x 6.3 m = 5.0 KW( C)/ 6.0 KW( H) – 6.0 KW( C)/ 7.2 KW( H) 
  • 6.7 m x 6.7 m = 6.0 KW( C)/ 7.2 KW( H) – 7.1 KW( C)/ 8.0 KW( H) 
  • 7.1 m x 7.1 m = 7.1 KW( C)/ 8.0 KW( H) – 8.0 KW( C)/ 9.0 KW( H) 
  • 7.7 m x 7.7 m = 8.0 KW( C)/ 9.0 KW( H) – 9.2 KW( C)/ 10.0 KW( H) 

This table is a rough guide only, and prior to making a decision you must talk to a suitably qualified cooling installer to guarantee you are getting the best size system for your room.

Compare functions offered between models on our product pages when you go shopping split systems. A useful feature to turn on your system before you even get back from work and turn off during the night to conserve on electricity while you’re asleep.

Particularly beneficial if you live in the Rye climate or experience breathing problems; to control the quantity of moisture in the air (split system AC).

A feature which can change your system temperature level to suit your requirements while you are asleep. Offers the choice of heating and cooling so you’ll get to take pleasure in a warm temperature level during winter and a cool environment during summertime. Great for those who struggle with asthma or allergies; this feature uses a purification system to clarify of harmful contaminants such as fine dust, dust mite particles, smoke particles or germs to produce a cleaner and more comfy environment within the home.

Gets rid of the smell of mildew from wet homes, as well as other unpleasant smells such as cigarette smoke or animal smells. Uses smart innovation to only use as much power as is required at any provided time

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Our AC Services Give You :

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  5. Split System Airconditioner

The indoor and outdoor components of a split system a/c are linked via series of high-pressure gas pipes and electrical wires. Not a ducted system, like a centralised cooling setup uses. That’s another advantage of the split system. Substantial ducting can lead to little losses due to heat exchange within the system, particularly if the roofing system cavity isn’t insulated.

But it likewise keeps your energy expenses down because there’s less waste. Which is much better for the environment, too. A split system a/c works by very first pumping a gas refrigerant through the unit’s cooling circuit. The compressor pumps this refrigerant into the condenser system. And as the gas moves through the condenser, it cools off and vaporises into a liquid.

As this gas rapidly expands, its temperature level drops considerably (Split System). This creates a substantial temperature differential within the evaporator. As this cooled gas refrigerant moves through the evaporator, it soaks up the heat inside your house and brings it outside and into the inlet port of your split system a/c’s compressor.

This allows a split system a/c to distribute cooled air with precision. Another way they assist to keep energy expenses down. It deserves noting, that a split system air conditioner will generally cost you more upfront than a window unit. However typically less to run in time. And it will require expert installation.

Just a small hole in the wall for connecting the pipelines and wiring. No need for pricey ductwork suggests less in labour expenses; quicker and more budget-friendly installation. The outdoor component of a split system is fitted on, or near, the wall of room or area that you’re keen to keep cool.

Wall air conditioner Rye.

The indoor system, consisting of an evaporator coil, blower and air filter, and is then mounted to the wall in the room of your picking. Due to the fact that the compressor and fan for the condenser lie remotely outside with a split system air conditioning system, so are the primary sources of sound.

Another perk of going the split system path is how easy the unit is to operate and keep preserved. Most systems include a fundamental remote control that’s simple to utilise. They can also include, as an optional extra, a wall installed thermostat that makes temperature control simple and practical to handle

The indoor unit normally has washable filters that just require regular cleaning. Cleansing of the filter can be performed by you, the owner, nevertheless, more extensive maintenance must be performed by a certified refrigeration specialist. Similarly, the outside systems are created for easy access. Which makes upkeep and repair an easy, and generally more affordable, procedure.


Daikin split system

So, let’s see what Daikin is all about and what you can expect to pay. The Daikin US7 is explained as being the business’s most efficient model, having earned a 7-star performance rating. It’s also approved by the National Asthma Council and boasts humidifying and dehumidifying capabilities. The reverse cycle air conditioning system includes a 2-area ‘Intelligent Eye’, which is stated to provide higher performance by adjusting the cooling or heating levels if the room has been vacant for 20 minutes.

A Daikin split system air conditioning system can be available in at under a grand or cost nearly $5,000, depending on how many features your budget can accommodate. split system installation.

Utilising our own unique advanced technology, Daikin further raises the bar with high-capacity a/c using unequalled efficiency and energy-savings. Providing the current in air comfort innovation is Daikin’s mission in  (Air conditioner split system). 

Inverters support temperature by adjusting compressor operation according to load to get rid of waste and save energy. Even adopting an inverter to the fan motors of the indoor and outdoor units offers more accurate control and contributes to energy savings. Daikin innovation manages the Arthurs Seat humidity at any temperature level without the requirement for a water tank in providing users with the very best in convenience and air comfort.

Low operation sound has been attained for greater convenience and quiet environment. A global assistance system provides timely options to all needs. For resolving problems and better performance, see the following. The products or functions on this page might not be available in your region. Please visit your regional site for information on the items and functions available in your region.

Having actually made and offered air conditioning unit in Australia for more than 40 years, it’s safe to state that Daikin most likely knows a reasonable bit about what enters into a high-quality air conditioner. Its products have actually received numerous awards for many years for things consisting of energy-efficiency, with the company positioning an emphasis on the innovation found in its top of the range air conditioning system.


Split System Air Conditioner Prices

Pricing will vary but the most common bracket for Split System installs in Rye is between $500 to $3000. A HVAC plumber and Sparky will normally charge based on unit size as the Electrician will run a feed accordingly directly from the switchboard and do the interlinking cables from the head unit to the condenser outside. . The plumber needs all the piping, cover ducting and pads AC wall mounts required which does not come with the unit. On the Electrician side its normally – $220 -$500 depending on size and length of run. A plumber can be the same from $450 – $1000. Our team consist of Mechanical plumbers and Electricians that are fully certified and did not get trained in the wild west like most AC and NBN jockeys out there. Buyer beware – The AC industry is rife with dodgy cheap, wham bam thank you mam. Choose wisely and be wary of a stupidly cheap quote. 


Mitsubishi Split System

As a leading company in the market, Mitsubishi Electric has a proud history in the manufacturing and supply of leading-edge electrical and electronic equipment for both domestic and commercial usage. Daikin inverter. Our efforts to make indoor life more comfy started in 1921, with the intro of our very first electric fan which became an immediate hit.

The range includes the award-winning MSZ-AP series. air conditioner. Mitsubishi Electric MFZ-KJ Series floor installed reverse cycle air conditioning system are created for a stylish, unobtrusive wall-attached installation at flooring level. They are an ideal solution when the wall area is at a premium. No walls readily available to mount a split system? Or limited ceiling area for a ducted system? The compact ceiling cassette cooling system might be the best service.

Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control permits you to manage your Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning unit by means of your smartphone, tablet or online account 

Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control can be utilised as a wise air conditioning system with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Whether you wish to set the temperature, turn your air conditioner on or off, or hear what the air conditioning unit is set to, simply ask Alexa or Google. Remarkably budget-friendly, the performance of the M Series cooling heat-pump range presents considerable savings in heating mode, when compared with the more traditional heating unit. Additional functions such as Econo-Cool enable airflow to be exactly directed towards users, allowing set temperatures to be raised by 2C without any loss in comfort and a 20% gain in energy efficiency. With greatly increased pipeline length and height distinctions over its R407c predecessors, the brand-new M Series is incredibly versatile, helping to make system.

Best Split System Air Conditioner

Most Aussie households either have an air conditioning system in their house, or simply wish they had one. When you reside in a hot weather climate like we do, cooling merely ends up being a part of life, and preparation is key to your cooling needs. Whether you’re at the start of your air con search, or simply trying to find the final nod of approval for a specific brand, you remain in safe hands here.

Brands were ranked on functionality and functions, sound, ease of use, dependability, worth for money and overall fulfilment. Those which got the minimum survey sample size of 30 responses are included listed below. AC Split Systems Blue’s annual air con evaluation and rankings have been assisting Aussies choose the best air conditioning system for their needs because 2011 – Which Split system to buy.

No two air conditioning system are the very same, however, picking the right brand offers you the finest chance of bagging a great bargain (Which Split system to buy). It’s worth discussing that our rankings include all kinds of installed air conditioning system divided system (including reverse cycle), window and central/ducted, while So, which air conditioner brand name do Aussies rate best in 2020? Mitsubishi Heavy Industries continues to chill in the top area, after ranking best for overall consumer complete satisfaction in addition to performance and features, sound while operating, ease of use and dependability.

A lot of ac system makers arrived on a respectable four stars overall, with Braemar assembling ball games on a strong three stars. It’s worth discussing that this year’s champion wasn’t the only one to impress Australians. Kelvinator edged out Mitsubishi Heavy Industries when it pertained to worth for money, receiving the only first-class rating provided for the category – Good split systems.

For more guidance on which a/c might be the finest suitable for your home and details on what to try to find when purchasing a brand-new one continue reading as we examine what each brand name presently provides. We’ll also look at some other notable brand names not included in our 2020 scores.

Anticipate big cooling capacities from 1.7 kW to 9.5 kW, but also exceptional cost, as much as and over $2,000. Best split ac. Some common functions consist of an ‘Irritant Clear’ system to record and remove allergens, Wi-Fi connectivity for convenience and an automatic mode for exact temperature control. The Avanti PLUS series is its platinum series of split systems.

However, other designs deliver 2.5-star energy efficiency scores and are kept in mind to be ideal for smaller sized houses and office. For larger areas, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries offers ducted a/c systems which provide as much as 20kW worth of power. So, it’s quite safe to state the producer covers whatever.

Here are a couple of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries a/c unit currently available: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 2kW Reverse Cycle Split System (SRK20ZSXA-W): rate not advertised Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 2.5 kW Cooling Just Split System (SRK10YSA-W): price not marketed Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 5kW Multi Split System (SCM50ZS-S): rate not marketed Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 6kW Multi Split System (SCM60ZM-S1): rate not advertised Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 20kW Three Phase Ducted Air Conditioning System (FDUA200AVSAVG): rate not marketed Mitsubishi Heavy Industries rated finest in most classifications, including functionality & functions, noise while operating, ease of use, reliability and total fulfilment.

Part of the Electrolux Group, Kelvinator is one of the most spending plan-friendly air conditioning system brand names in the market. The producer sells a mix of split system and window/wall air conditioners, available in power capacities varying between 1.6 kW and 8kW (Best split system air conditioner). The majority of Kelvinator air conditioning system fall under $1,000, with costs beginning with $509 for a 1.6 kW window box a/c and reaching up to $1,559 for a more effective 6kW window box reverse cycle system for a 7.1 kW split system design.

One standout function is the dust filter, which removes dust and other big airborne particles. Particular models are likewise claimed to be corrosion-resistant, ensuring the ac system continues to perform well over time as well as longevity. Lots of Kelvinator split system a/c unit in addition provide hidden digital screens, HEPA filters and LCD remotes.

Good split systems.

Well-known for quality home electronics, Panasonic offers a large range of wall installed split system a/c, ducted air conditioners, inverter multi divided designs, cassette and under ceiling air conditioners. Majority of the brand name’s cooling range include designs from the AERO Series. These are readily available in 2.5 kW, 3.5 kW, 5.2 kW, 6kW, 7 (Good split systems).1 kW and 8kW capabilities.

The built-in function is likewise claimed to deodorise the area and eliminate bad smells. Numerous Panasonic air conditioning unit likewise feature an inverter to apparently assist lower energy consumption by changing the compressor’s rotation speed, based on the room temperature level. There are various levels of filtering, deodorising and dehumidifying across Panasonic’s a/c unit line.

Split System F.A.Q

Dont do it. Call our Rye team please. If your not an AC tech you will hurt yourself or illegally poison the air.


The Thermostat. You'll most likely be familiar with this one: merely, it's the gadget that manages temperature level inside your house.

Installing a AC Split System needs to be done by professionals. Give us a call on 03 8686 8350 and our professional staff will advise you on the best system for your home and budget.

Most AC Units these days have an Air purifier. This item is particularly developed to eliminate allergens, pollutants, germs and smells from the air in your house. Some air cleaners can be integrated into existing cooling systems, while others are portable units.


AC Split Systems are a 2 part reverse cycle heating and cooling unit. They provide dry cool or warm air efficiently and economically.

You should be cleaning the filters at least every year if not quarterly. They build up with dust and allergens. We also recommend a bi-yearly flush done by expert AC cleaners. They will wrap the unit in a special plastic covering and wash the coils out with water to make it new again. We can also provide this service if required.

Zoning. This is a method of heating or cooling different areas (or spaces) within one house independently typically by using different controls, or by opening and closing dampers within ducts in each zone. Heat pump. Best split ac. Another term for a reverse cycle a/c which can heat and cool indoor spaces.


Cost variety: $600-$ 5500. You do not have to pay top dollar to get the very best ac system in Arthurs Seat. Some recommended designs in our a/c units that are suited to the Arthurs Seat homes cost under $1500. A reverse-cycle air conditioning unit can heat in addition to cool in reality, it is among the most affordable methods to warm your Arthurs Seat home in winter.

We supply, install and service nearly all brands. It would be silly not to call our team on 03 8686 8350 and get some free advice and pricing.

Firstly charging an AC requires a licensed mechanical plumber. If you AC need a charge it means there is a leak. Call our service team and we will sort it for you ASAP!

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Tina Thomas
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Excellent job done on our holiday home. Cant wait to use it this year. Highly Reccomended

Arthurs Seat is a mountainous and small locality on the Mornington Peninsula, within the Shire of Mornington Peninsula, about 85 km south east of Melbourne, Australia, noted for its exclusivity and the general affluence of the demographics which make up the enclave. The Aboriginal Boonwurrung name for the hill is Wonga.

It is a major tourist destination, with stately homes, and due to its natural bushland, sweeping views and man-made attractions. The hill rises to 314 m (1,030 ft) above sea level.

The underlying rocks are Devonian granite, bounded to the west by the Selwyn Fault. The vegetation consists of dry open forest of mixed eucalypt species, which was extensively burnt during a bushfire in 1973 and again in 1997. The indigenous vegetation on the north-west face has been heavily infested with noxious weed and much of the natural vegetation has been cleared away, although several large stands still remain.

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