Mitsubishi Split System

Mitsubishi split system

A world leader in air conditioning systems for commercial, industrial, and residential applications started making efforts in 1921. Mitsubishi started manufacturing its cooling system with an electric fan and then built an air cooler after 10 years. The development of the Mitsubishi split system was a result of Japan’s diverse climate and the need for sophisticated cooling systems. Mitsubishi split system air conditioners are manufactured under the name Mitsubishi Electric. Mitsubishi Electric is a world-class manufacturer and distributor of electrical and electronic products offering a wide range of applications in almost every field. This Japanese manufacturer is a competition for other world-class air conditioner manufactures.

Mitsubishi split system air conditioner

Mitsubishi split system air conditioner offers, quiet, seamless, and energy-efficient cooling anywhere, anytime with less impact on the environment. Mitsubishi split systems give years and years of heating and cooling services with their top-quality products. An extensive range of products are offered by Mitsubishi split systems which means there is one for every kind of application. Whether you need heating, or cooling, or an advanced air conditioning system, Mitsubishi split system air conditioner performs with efficient design and quality manufacturing ensuring optimum performance to maximize your comfort.

Mitsubishi Split Systems come in a wide variety of designs capable of various applications. The most commonly purchased and known systems are the wall-mounted units with an outdoor fan. The Wall mounted split systems are generally used in homes, offices, or apartments where the requirement is limited to one or two rooms. If you are looking for an efficient cooling system, call us or write to us to know more about Mitsubishi split system air conditioner prices. 

Mitsubishi split system review?

Mitsubishi Electric has been making a split system air conditioner for over 60 years now. Out of a wide range of Mitsubishi split system products five are ENERGY STAR rated. Its Inverter-driven compressor technology requires minimum energy to provide efficient performance. The company also claims to provide noiselessly and “whisper quiet” split aircon systems with low operating sounds. Measuring the SEER rating of a split system air conditioner gives you how much electricity it consumes during operation. A higher SEER number means that it consumes less energy. Mitsubishi Split System air conditioners have a SEER rating of 16 to 24 units which is perfect. Another unique feature of the Mitsubishi split system is that it offers up to 12 years warranty for parts and compressors that are far more when compared to competitors. Customers can also register Mitsubishi Products online and avail of benefits from the company.

Mitsubishi split system not working

Although Mitsubishi provides excellent cooling systems with flawless performance, a machine can be defective sometimes. If your Mitsubishi Split System is not working or not responding, there may be the following possible reasons. Here we have listed possible solutions as well.

Dirty Filter:

A dirty filter can prevent your Mitsubishi Split System to work in its regular manner. You might not get any cool air from it. Immediately stop your air conditioner, remove the filter, and clean it.

Condenser Blockage:

When the air cannot flow in and out from the air conditioner system, it is not cooling the room. If your AC is getting warmer, you need to manage proper airflow for it. Dust particles can block the condenser. In that case, you need to get rid of the blocking.

Leakage in Coolant:

Coolant is a necessary element in the air conditioner. If there is a leakage in coolant or the coolant is not filled up to the limit. Your Mitsubishi split system unit may not work properly. To avoid this, check for any leakages in the coolant and keep it filled at all times. For this purpose, you will need to call or consult a qualified technician.

Electric Supply Issues:

If your Mitsubishi Split System does not power on, you need to check the power supply. Sometimes the breaker might be off or fused. Check and replace the fuse to fix this issue.

Mechanical Problem:

If you feel there are any mechanical problems, call a consultant or a technician. You can leave it onto us for such issues. We will fix it in no time. Call us now!

Who sells Mitsubishi split systems?

Mitsubishi Aircon has registered retailers and distributors across the globe. There are authorized sellers of Mitsubishi Split System products. If you are purchasing any Mitsubishi Split AC makes sure to deal with an authorized or licensed retailer.

You can search for an authorized reseller in your area by search on the web or login to the Mitsubishi Aircon Website to find a list of all the available dealers. If neither of the options work, call us and let us guide you to select the best suited Mitsubishi Split System for your need.

How to clean the Mitsubishi split system filter?

Mitsubishi Split System Air Conditioners are easy to clean and maintain. Before you decide to clean your Mitsubishi Split System filter, you need to make sure that it is off and remove the power cord from the socket.

You can clean the filter by the following the steps below:

  • Open the front panel.
  • Pull out the air filters by lifting them a little upwards and then pull it down.
  • Take the air filter out.
  • Clean or wash it thoroughly and remove all the dust from the air filter.
  • Carefully look for any holes or broken parts. Replace the filter if it is broken.
  • Dry out the filter before putting it back in its place and close the front panel.

Always buy Mitsubishi original spare or replacement parts, do not go for the third party spares it may affect the performance of your split system. You can perform filter cleaning by your self but for complex maintenance purposes, always seek professional help. If you require one, call us or send us an inquiry regarding any maintenance work. We will be happy to assist you.

How to use a Mitsubishi split system?

To use a Mitsubishi Split System, you need to have it installed at your location. It is recommended to read the user manual and the guide that comes within the box. Generally, remote control or a mobile app is provided with Mitsubishi Split System air conditioners for operation. Install the app on your smartphone or install batteries into the remote control. Turn on the socket in which your Mitsubishi Air Conditioner is plugged into. Turn ON the remote control, point it towards the Split System, and power ‘ON’. You can adjust the fan speed, temperature, and modes. If you cannot figure out how to use your Mitsubishi Split System consult a technician or a contractor to learn about your device.

Mitsubishi split system sizes?

Mitsubishi Split System air conditioners come in various sizes and capacities. To know what size and capacity split system would suit your application, it is important to measure the size of your room. A 1 ton or 12000 BTU split system air conditioner would be fit for a 400 square feet room. So first you need to measure the size of your room in square feet and then select a Mitsubishi split system unit. For a small room, Mitsubishi Mini Splits are also available for purchase and provide excellent cooling.

If you cannot do that yourself, have us take care of that job. We will send a professionally trained and qualified Mitsubishi air conditioner consultant to your location. They will measure your room or office wherever you want to install the air conditioner and suggest a suitable split system for your need.

How much to install a Mitsubishi split system?

Mitsubishi split systems are installed in two parts. One is the outdoor unit and another one is the indoor unit. Mitsubishi Aircon has its network of service contractors worldwide known as Diamond Contractors. These are certified professionals who have completed a tw0-day service and maintenance training courses and agreed to abide by the Mitsubishi code of conduct. Mitsubishi Aircon nominates and selects these contractors as their authorized resellers and distributors. 

Choosing a Diamond contractor for your Mitsubishi split system installation and maintenance would give you peace that your air conditioner will be in safe hands. Hiring a Diamond Contractor also gives you an extended warranty for your device that cannot be offered by any third-party contractor and distributor.

To get an estimate of the price you can call us or send us an inquiry and learn about installation charges. A Diamond contractor will give you perfect advice on what device will cost you how much for installation as well as annual maintenance.

How much does a Mitsubishi split system cost?

Mitsubishi has a worldwide reputation for supplying reliable, high-performance split air conditioning products. Mitsubishi Split Systems are built to last and give years of seamless performance with minimum maintenance. The extensive range of products offers customers a variety of options to choose from. The cost of any Mitsubishi split system varies depending upon its size and capacity. To get an estimate about how much a Mitsubishi Split System will cost, you need to call us or send us an inquiry. Our team will get back to you with a range of options for your application and quote a price package with installation and maintenance service.

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